Mexico Extends Its Lead as South Americas Online Casino Mecca

Mexico has long been supplying a spicy selection of online gambling sites created with Mexican payers in mind.

Latin America has always had a mixed regulation and laws when it comes to online casino. Both online and offline gambling is legal, but it does not necessarily mean it is regulated.

It is pretty evident that when it comes to gambling options, Mexican players have numerous options to pick and choose from.
Keep on reading to learn more about the gambling industry in Mexico.

History of gambling in Mexico

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Mexico has a well-documented long gambling history, but it wasn’t until 2000 when the government decided to bring Mexico into the 21st century.

Changes in the law were most recently made in 2014 but were still not specific enough for a more regulated online casino sector to grow domestically.

Mexicans can still gamble online or directly from their phone for real money. It is a perfectly legitimate activity offering a world of choice for Mexicans who want to gamble. Mexicans have never had it this good.

Online Casinos & Sports Betting in Mexico

There are circa 300 casino and gambling establishments in Mexico. Although the biggest majority are casino chains, there are more than enough brick and mortar casinos.

For example, in Playa del Carmen, there are huge establishments with slot games, bingo halls and sports betting facilities. Some of these casinos also have human dealers so you can truly enjoy an authentic gambling experience.

Mexicans are to travel to the United States to gamble as well. One of the biggest gambling hotspots are Las Vegas which is home to numerous gambling establishments.

Online Casino Gambling Laws in Mexico Today

Gambling, as well as games of chance, have been around for many years. Although the country has somewhat archaic gambling laws that date back a few centuries, gambling is still taking place across the country now.

Gambling is now officially licensed in Mexico and subject to tax and federal regulations. Back in 2004, there was an attempt to update the old laws. The Regulations of the Federal Games and Draws Law were subsequently implemented that very year.

It allowed the Mexican government to update and add rules and regulations as it saw fit. The law was further amended as recently as 2013 to include both slot machines and gaming terminals.

Slot machines are still allowed in Mexico, provided that operators have the right permits. In 2012, the Partido Revolucionario Institucional took power and the party committed to growing the industry in Mexico.

It was decided that the country’s 400 casinos had to be better regulated. Since then, efforts have been stalled even though legislations were assured of passing at some point or another.

Nevertheless, Mexicans can still gamble at either a brick-and-mortar casino or at many of the available online casinos which come with generous welcome packages including match offers and free spins deals.

Mexico could ultimately rival Law Vegas as one of the biggest gambling hubs in the region and has already drawn lots of attention for all the right reasons.