Riddle of the sphinx

In the Riddle Of The Sphinx casino game, you will have nine regular symbols to choose from. The first five low-value symbols are playing card values, adorned with ornaments. Landing three to five 10s on the screen will give you between four and two hundred times your line bet. The higher the multiplier, the higher the payout. The game is optimized for both iPhone and Android devices.

This casino game is set in ancient Egypt, the land of the Sphinx. Although the Egyptians had their own Sphinx, this particular game was inspired by the lesser-known Theban Sphinx. Nevertheless, the Ancient desert lands still hold the irresistible grip of game designers and players. The Riddle Of The Sphinx slot is no exception. The bonus rounds are well-designed, but the graphics and sounds aren’t particularly impressive.

Riddle Of The Sphinx is a fun and exciting slot that features a pyramid-themed bonus round and excellent visual appeal. Its visual design is heavily influenced by Egyptian culture, which provides the gambler with an immersive experience. The reels and background are made of solid gold, and the game’s background features a picture of Egyptian symbols and a purple sky with stars and a hint of darkness.

The Riddle Of The Sphinx slot is a classic Egyptian-themed game with a few innovative features. It includes Dynasty Wilds, which convert all surrounding symbols into Wild icons during free spins. This unique feature allows players to win an incredible 8,002x of their stake. Its progressive jackpot is also a very lucrative feature. However, this game is not for everyone. Despite its simplicity, it still offers several ways to win.